• Voodoo Girl - Tim Burton

               Voodoo Girl

         Her skin is white cloth,
         and she's all sewn apart
         and she has many colored pins
         sticking out of her heart.

         She has a beautiful set
         of hypno-disk eyes,
         the ones that she uses
         to hypnotize guys.
    She has many different zombies
         who are deeply in her trance.
         She even has a zombie
         who was originally from France.

    But she knows she has a curse on her,
         a curse she cannot win.
         For if someone gets
         too close to her,

    the pins stick farther in.


    Textes et illustrations de Tim Burton.
    "La triste fin du petit Enfant Huître et autres histoires", 1997
    Traduction ICI

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    Samedi 9 Décembre 2006 à 19:06
    Tim Burton est un veritable géni !
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